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Q&A with Ivan Kander and Rob Jones

AIR DATE: Sunday, September 18, 2011
Ivan Kander and Rob Jones talked about "Survive. Recover. Live. The Rob Jones Story," a documentary Ivan directed about the events leading up to his friend Marine Corporal Jones' severe wounding in Afghanistan while on routine patrol. The two went to school together, and Ivan followed his friend's life as he learned to cope with the loss of his legs and rehabilitation of his body. The film explores three phases of Rob's recovery: the story of his injury, his recovery, and his return to everyday living back in the U.S.

Ivan discussed his movie-making process and motivations. Rob described his wounds, reasons for participating in the project, and plans for the future.

Ivan Kander is a full-time videographer and graduate of George Washington University, and formed his own production company in high school. Rob Jones joined the Marines in 2006 and is a graduate of Virginia Tech. He served one tour of duty in Iraq and one Afghanistan.
KEYWORDS: Foreign Affairs & Defense, Department of Defense, Military