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CLIP: President Obama on the Economy
President Obama speaks about his economic agenda, including his plan to provide free tuition to community college students at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis.
February 7, 2015 : 8 min. 20 sec.

CLIP: Economic Challenges Facing Young Adults
Jonathan Vespa and Erin Currier talked about a recent Census report which compared the well-being of young adults in 1980 and today, including their education level, income, and employment levels.
February 1, 2015 : 5 min. 12 sec.

CLIP: College Costs
Goldie Blumenstyk talked about the rising cost of higher education in the U.S. Among the topics she discussed were reasons for the cost increases, government aid reductions, student financial aid programs, loans and the growing debt of college graduates, and the value of a college degree in a changing economy.
December 30, 2014 : 6 min. 50 sec.

CLIP: State of U.S. Economy
Jason Fichtner and Rudolph Penner talked about the U.S. economy six years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. They discussed House Speaker John Boehner’s five-point plan for the economy he gave in a speech September 18, 2014, and the broader economic climate as the midterm elections approached. Topics included the national debt, entitlement programs, tax code reforms, and “right-to-work” laws.
September 20, 2014 : 6 min. 7 sec.

CLIP: Challenges Facing Young Adults
Tom Snyder and Jennifer Brown Lerner talked about a federal interagency special report that aimed to identify challenges and opportunities for young adults age 18 to 24 and their needs as they transitioned into adulthood. The report examined college enrollment and graduation rates, student debt, labor force participation, median earnings, and mortality rates.
September 1, 2014 : 6 min. 54 sec.

CLIP: Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" - Education
Ulrich Boser and Darleen Opfer talked about the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. They described the changing landscape of education and the impact of the Act today. This segment was part of a week-long Washington Journal series focused on the impact of legislation related to President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society.”
August 18, 2014 : 9 min. 47 sec.

Future of Education
State legislators and education leaders take part in a national forum on the future of education hosted by the Education Commission of the States. Speakers include the Governors of Nevada and Wyoming, Education Policy experts, and UCLA President Janet Napolitano.
June 30, 2014 : 1 hr. 17 min.

60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education
Sherrilyn Ifill on the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case’s 60th anniversary, the effects of school desegregation in the U.S., and the status of integration.
May 17, 2014 : 48 min. 5 sec.

2014 AP Government Exam Review
High school government teachers Andrew Conneen and Daniel Larsen reviewed topics with students to help them prepare for the upcoming A.P. Government Exam.
May 10, 2014 : 41 min. 8 sec.

StudentCam 2014 Roundtable Interview
Student representatives from the top 5 documentaries in StudentCam 2014 came to Washington, D.C.. where they discussed their winning entries and the topics they chose.
May 3, 2014 : 1 hr. 3 min.
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