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Civil Rights

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CLIP: Police Shootings and Criminal Justice Reform
Michele Jawando talked about police-involved shootings in North Carolina and Oklahoma, the ongoing debate over police tactics, and efforts to overhaul the criminal justice system.
September 23, 2016 : 7 min. 42 sec.

CLIP: Police Shootings in Dallas
An overview of the attack on police officers in Dallas, Texas following a rally to protest the shooting deaths of two African Americans by police in Louisiana and Minnesota. Eleven officers were shot, of which five died. A clip of President Obama's reaction was included.
July 8, 2016 : 5 min. 4 sec.

CLIP: Segregation in U.S. Schools
Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) talked about a Government Accountability Office report, released on the anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, that shows U.S. schools are segregated by race and socioeconomic status.
May 26, 2016 : 5 min. 46 sec.

CLIP: The State of Black America in 2016
A look at a recently-released National Urban Institute report that showed deep economic disparities between black and white Americans. A clip of National Urban League President Marc Morial discussing the report's findings is also shown.
May 22, 2016 : 2 min. 56 sec.

CLIP: Muslim American Population
James Zogby talked about the Muslim population in the United States, the refugee crisis, as well as the effect of the recent rhetoric concerning Muslims in the U.S.
December 16, 2015 : 8 min. 52 sec.

Supreme Court Landmark Cases: Miranda v. Arizona
Jeff Rosen and Paul Cassel talked about the 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona, in which the court ruled 5-4 that criminal suspects must be informed of their right against self-incrimination and their right to consult with an attorney before being questioned by police.
December 14, 2015 : 1 hr. 34 min.

Supreme Court Landmark Case: Brown v. Board of Education
Jeffrey Rosen and Tomiko Brown-Nagin talked about the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, in which the court unanimously ruled that separate public schools were not equal, reversing previous court decisions.
November 23, 2015 : 1 hr. 33 min.

Supreme Court Landmark Case: Dred Scott v. Sandford
Guests GWU Law Professor Christopher Bracey, and Michigan Law School Director Martha Jones discussed the 1857 Supreme Court case Dred Scott v. Sandford, in which the court sided 7-2 with slavery and declared that Dred Scott and other blacks could not be citizens of the U.S., and that Congress lacked the authority to prohibit slavery in the territories.
October 12, 2015 : 1 hr. 31 min.

Trailer: C-SPAN’s Landmark Cases Series
C-SPAN's Landmark Cases series will explore the human stories and constitutional dramas behind some of the most significant and frequently cited decisions in the Supreme Court’s history. This 12-part series delves into cases that represent some of the tipping points in our nation’s story and in our evolving understanding of rights in America. Produced in cooperation with the National Constitution Center, each 90 minute program will air on Monday nights at 9pm ET, beginning October 5, 2015.
September 15, 2015 : 2 min. 52 sec.

CLIP: Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Police Shootings
Attorney General Loretta Lynch condemns recent shootings of law enforcement officers, saying police "run into danger for us." She also speaks about recent mass shootings and the on-air killing of two journalists in Virginia.
September 3, 2015 : 4 min. 24 sec.
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