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Campaigns and Elections

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CLIP: People, Places, and Moments of Campaign 2016
Daniel Klaidman discussed the people, places, and moments that shaped campaign 2016.
November 7, 2016 : 9 min. 22 sec.

CLIP: Latest on Campaign 2016
Reid Wilson talked about the latest developments in the 2016 presidential election, the situation in several battleground states, and the influence of the election on congressional races.
November 7, 2016 : 8 min. 21 sec.

CLIP: Election 2016 and the Electoral College
Jeffrey Rosen talked about the history and role of the Electoral College, as well as the possibility of changing the electoral system.
November 4, 2016 : 8 min. 29 sec.

CLIP: Bush v. Gore and the 2016 Presidential Election
In reaction to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments suggesting the 2016 election could be “rigged,” Professor Julian Zelizer examined the Supreme Court’s Bush v. Gore decision in 2000 and compared it to the current year’s situation.
November 2, 2016 : 7 min. 17 sec.

CLIP: History of Political Advertising
Patrick Meirick talked about the history of political advertising as well as its role and significance in the 2016 campaign. Advertisements from the current and past campaigns were included.
November 1, 2016 : 7 min. 31 sec.

CLIP: Hillary Clinton Email Investigation
Sarah Westwood talked about Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey’s announcement that his agency would examine new information in the previously closed investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state.
October 30, 2016 : 5 min. 32 sec.

Media Coverage of 2016 Campaign
Panelists discuss the role of the media for the incivility of the 2016 campaign.
October 28, 2016 : 2 min. 20 sec.

Tone of 2016 Campaign
Panelists talked about civility in the U.S. presidential election process.
October 28, 2016 : 2 min. 20 sec.

CLIP: 2016 Battleground States: Ohio
Henry Gomez examined the battleground state of Ohio, including who the voters are, recent polling, and the latest developments in the presidential race.
October 28, 2016 : 4 min. 7 sec.

Campaign Spending in 2016
A brief look at the campaign spending of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election cycle, including a comparative look at the 2012 election and Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's campaign expenditure.
October 27, 2016 : 1 min. 6 sec.
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